The TRIPS Demonstration

The TRIPS Demonstration, main deliverable of the project, took place the October 17th 2007 and was hosted by the SNCF. It took place in the yard of Villeneuve St-Georges.

The objectives of the TRIPS Demonstration were to test in real conditions, the possible adaptation of latest security technologies to a railway environment.

The various security technology industrial providers involved in the project (THALES,SAGEM,BAES,IDS,PIAP,SMITH-DETECTION) did cooperate to offer the best available devices and to integrate as much as possible the different technical solutions (Detection, communication, intervention) in order to increase the efficiency and reactivity in the field of railway system protection.

The Providers did also cooperate with the Railway Undertakings, represented through SNCF and the UIC; to evaluate the level of maturity of the technical solutions presented, and to assess the possibilities of a practical implementation for those solutions.

Gathering approximately 70 participants, the event had a good attendance; putting together security experts, railway experts and officers from the European Commission, creating a good opportunity to exchange views and discuss technical issues related to the protection of railway systems.